Products Category: Home Automation

ComfortLink™ II Comfort Controls

Control your home’s temperature remotely with ComfortLink™ II Nexia™ comfort controls including XL950, XL850, XL824 and XL624.

Home Z-Wave Bridge

Connects to your home router and all of the Nexia enabled products throughout your home.

Home Appliance Module

Control small appliances and plug-in incandescent fluorescent and LED lighting. Also functions as a repeater.

Home Light Module

Control or dim plug-in incandescent lighting.

Wireless Indoor HD Camera

Remotely view what is happening inside your home with this 720p HD camera with built-in infrared night vision.

Wireless Outdoor Camera

Remotely view what is happening outside your home with this weather resistant outdoor rated camera.

Z-Wave Garage Door Controller

Open and close, monitor the status and receive alerts about your garage door from anywhere with the Nexia app.

Z-Wave Siren and Strobe Light

The combination Sounder/Strobe warning device is designed to alert intruders of a security system presence.

Home Motion Sensor

Remotely monitor home’s activity/movement. Receive alerts when activity is detected.

Home Door and Window Sensor

Remote monitoring of doors and windows within your home home’s activity/movement.

Z-Wave LED Light Bulb

Turn on, off and dim the LED bulb remotely via the Nexia app.

Touchscreen Deadbolt

Touchscreen deadbolt is available in Satin Nickel or Aged Bronze finish. Motorized bolt automatically locks or unlocks.

Keypad Lever

Keypad Lever is available in Satin Nickel, Aged Bronze or Bright Brass finish. Motorized bolt automatically locks or unlocks.

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