Air Conditioning
Hot Georgia summers can be unforgiving, stop sweating the heat, humidity and your power bill. Our affordable air conditioner options offer years of comfort and energy efficiencies up to 21 SEER.
Furnaces & Coils
A gas furnace combined with an indoor air conditioning coil is the most common type heating system. We offer a variety of furnace options from 97.3% efficiency, multi-stage and variable speed as well as long lasting all aluminum evaporator cooling coils providing years of comfort and efficiency.
Heat Pumps
All year long energy efficient heat pumps provide both reliable, consistent heating and cooling, delivering up to 4 times heating value of the energy they consume. We offer many affordable options including duel fuel hybrid systems.
Home Automation
Take control of your house and make it an intelligent home with remote home management. Home automation places comfort, efficiency and security controls at your fingertips wherever you may be.
Indoor Air Quality
Breathing in your home doesn’t have to be hazardous! Whether you’re an allergy sufferer, have asthma or perfectly healthy everyone breathes better with air quality solutions that remove indoor air pollutants, VOC’s and even odors.
You use it daily! Shouldn’t it be user friendly and meet your needs? From color touch screen with mobile access to complete home zoning system controls or a standard digital thermostat we offer options to meet your every need.

Since 1997 ACR Heating & Air has provided exceptional heating, cooling and energy efficiency home services from north metro Atlanta to the mountains of north Georgia. ACR Heating & Air

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