XV18 Variable Speed

Absolutely amazing comfort and energy efficiency! Best de-humidification available from any residential cooling system. Eliminate hot & cold temperature swings with ComfortLink™ II technology that controls the variable speed compressor, outdoor and indoor fans to operate at just the exact BTU required for your current indoor, outdoor and humidity conditions making your entire home even.

What You Should Know

Variable speed components adjust speeds gradually in as little as 1/10 of 1% increments keeping temperatures within 1/2° of thermostat setting all while giving you quiet operation that’s felt not heard. Variable speed systems are the BEST choice if you have or are considering a ComfortLink™ II zoning system. Variable BTU speeds and up to 18 SEER makes XV18 TruComfort™ an economical choice for premium comfort and a high efficiency variable speed system. Warranties: 10 Years Parts, 12 Year Compressor.

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